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FLC, is an industry association with about 5,000 companies as members and was established in 1973. We are engaged in various projects aiming for developments of techniques of landscape gardening and national land greenly.
Some members are awarded for outstanding skilled workers from the Japanese minister of health, labor, and welfare, and some manage and maintain the famous gardens and parks. Skilled landscape gardeners organize JFLC.

JFLC Activities
●Developing landscaping technology and skills.
●Publicity work
●Improvement of managing
●Welfare program for members.
●Activity requesting to the ministry of "Land, Infrastructure, and Transport" and "Health, Labor, and Welfare".
●Joining and supporting to the domestic and world skills competition.
●Activity of young gardeners association.

JFLC support the competitors to participate in the WorldSkills Competition.
41st WorldSkills Competition - London, United Kingdom.5-8 October 2011
Japanese team that Mr.Yoshihiro Fujisaki and Mr.Naoki Ino won the prize.

JFLC Information

Address Matsushita bldg. 7F, Kandaogawamachi 3-3-2,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0052
Telephone +81-3-3293-7577
Facsimile +81-3-3293-7579
E-mail info@jflc.or.jp